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Welcome to my website. I imagine that you have found your way here, because you are a seeker, a visionary, a wisdom keeper, a lightworker, on your own amazing inner journey. And I am here to welcome you to my spiritual watering hole. This is a place to rest and reboot. "We," like the Chinese saying goes, "are living in interesting times." YES we are! The changes happening on our beloved planet, and simultaneously in our own magnificent selves, are unprecedented. The Earth is actually shifting up into a higher vibration. As She does, this new frequency is pulsing through our bodies, minds, and spirits, so that we can match her greater vibration of love, light, joy, and abundance. This is very exciting, but it does translate in our lives as changes and transitions that can shake us to our core. This is because we must clear the old to prepare for the new. These transitions manifest as things like divorce, death of loved ones, financial loss, career change, severe illness, moving to a new home, and the pressing need to heal from childhood abuse. Helping people through these tough transitions and turning them into profound transformations is my greatest passion.

The truth is, that to fully awaken to your deeper calling it is imperative to clear away the old fear based patterns, heal the wounds they have left behind, and open up to Self-love. Every challenge is just in your life to help you grow and expand into your greater Self, and express your true purpose. I have been on this path for, oh, so many decades, and I know the terrain. I have crossed the barren wasteland, and faced the demons, and I know the fear, the anxiousness, and the joy and Love involved in transformation. If you find yourself in need of support and expert healing along your journey, reach out to me, I can be your guide. I know the way.

This new era that we are co-creating with the Mother Earth will need a healthy Love-based economy to fund it, and the feminine principles, of nurturing, caring and sharing, and abundance for all, to support it. The Transformational Light-Energy Healing that I offer, along with my books, meditations, articles, and prayers are all here to help you heal and transform the blocks to these beautiful attributes of love, light, joy, and abundance, and Unity within yourself. Enjoy exploring the site, check out the books and CDs, and contact me for your complimentary 30-minute session to explore the possibility of working with me privately.



As the old fear-based economy is crumbling before our very eyes, we are being called to participate in the creation of a brand-new economy based on LOVE, CARING, and SHARING.

My lovely little book, MONEY IS LOVE: Reconnecting to the Sacred Origins of Money, is a simple handbook to help you release yourself from the old money paradigm of fear, greed, and scarcity, and become a co-creator of the new Love Economy. We must create a new bottom line, and that bottom line must be LOVE – so that there can be ABUNDANCE FOR ALL THE DIVINE MOTHER'S CHILDREN.

"True wealth is abundance that does not create scarcity."
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