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Welcome to my website. I imagine that you have found your way here, because you are a seeker, a visionary, a wisdom keeper, a lightworker on your own amazing inner journey. And I am here to welcome you to my spiritual watering hole. This is a place to rest and reboot. Please feel free to wander about taking a sip from the Meditations and Prayers or glance through the articles in the archives. Watch a meditation video.

"We," like the Chinese saying goes, "are living in interesting times."

Walk with me across the bridge into a glorious tomorrow

We all need to come together in community and share our visions for a greater future. I invite you to join me as we walk across the bridge into this glorious tomorrow.

We really are at the portal to this New Earth. YES we are! The changes happening on our beloved planet, and simultaneously in our own magnificent selves, are unprecedented. The Earth is actually shifting up into a higher vibration. As She does, this new frequency is pulsing through our bodies, minds, and spirits, pushing us up to match Her greater vibration of love, light, joy, and abundance.

And though to the untrained eye things may look pretty grim right now, the fact is that it's always darkest before the dawn. With all this new enlightened energy expanding, it is necessarily pushing up all of the dark shadow consciousness that needs to be acknowledged and then released into the Divine Light for transmutation. So that the New Earth Energy of love can come up to take it's place. And we are co-creating this New Earth, with the Mother Earth Herself.

"What we imagine we can create."
◼  Albert Einstein

What if you woke up every morning knowing that you had everything you needed and more...and so did everyone?

To create the New Earth we must begin to imagine it. I invite you to take a few minutes each day, perhaps just before you fall asleep, imagining what the New Earth can be. What does it look like, sound like, feel like, smell like? What are the new technologies needed to support it? What can you add? We are all unique individuals, so we each bring our own particular brush stroke or piece of the mosaic to this work of art, our New Earth. God created the world. We are all God, or part of the Godness. And this next step of our evolution is to recognize this and consciously participate in Creation.

Can you roll with this?

If you said, Yes, then you are in the right place at the right time.




In service to this transmutation and to help us all shift the energy into Love I lead monthly global healing meditations by teleconference. As a 40 year practitioner of Light Energy Meditation and Healing, I guide the participants on the call through a personal Light Energy Healing meditation, after which we turn our focus and the Light Energy on the national and global expressions of the dark shadow. We begin by doing a global Healing, throwing all that is counter to the vibration of Love into a huge caldron of Transcendent Light to turn it into Cosmic Compost. And we finish the meditations by sending Light through the planetary grids. It's fun, it's personally healing, and when we join together in the Light our power is expanded exponentially. I invite you to join this global circle of Lightworkers. To receive notices of these complimentary monthly meditations sign up for the mailing list.




Money is Love book coverOne very big piece of the New Earth that I am passionate about is the transformation of the economy and our money. We can't fund the New Earth with an economy based in fear, and money soaked in millennia of suffering.

A world without poverty and suffering has been my dream since I was a little girl. And I believe that the intensity of that desire opened my heart to receive a powerful truth - the truth that Money is Love and was originally part of the sacred dance of life. Now, by reconnecting money through the power of Love to its sacredness, we can create a bold new economy based on love, caring, sharing and abundance for ALL of us. This is The New Prosperity

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This exciting time we are living in and the journey to and through this portal up into the higher vibration of consciousness can, at times, be a bit difficult. To expand up into the Higher Vibration we must release old baggage, let go of what no longer is serving us. This can translate in our lives as changes and transitions that shake us to our core, manifesting as things like divorce, death of loved ones, financial loss, career changes, mild to severe illness, moving to a new home, and the pressing need to heal from childhood abuses, physical and/or emotional. Or, for some it may just feel like you're going a little crazy from the new energy that is surging through your physical body. My private coaching and healing sessions help my clients move through these challenging transitions and turn them into profound transformations. The new you that is going to make the shift and step through the portal is amazing. Don't feel ashamed to ask for help. This is not a time for going it alone. The New Earth is about all of us helping each other. We are evolving as a community. A global community of Love.



"Western women will save the world."
◼  The Dalai Lama

Embracing Your Power Woman book coverThe Divine Feminine is awakening in all of us. For over twenty years I have been helping women release the fear of their own true power so that they can take their positions as leaders of the New Earth. And I believe that older women are actually the greatest untapped resource on the planet. But young or older, women are truly the hope of the future. So, take a look at my book/course, Embracing Your Power Woman, and begin to dream about what your powerful purpose is and how you can begin to embody it. I know you can. And I know that you are greatly needed.



I hope you enjoy your time here on the website. Please feel free to come back time and time again to dip into this spiritual watering hole to be refreshed and reinvigorated, and to remember who you are. For you are the Light and the hope of the world.

Blessed be,

Barbara Wilder


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