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"Barbara Wilder teaches people to access and nourish their deepest selves."
— Deepak Chopra


Life Purpose Coaching for Your Life, Your Business, and Your Spirit

Barbara has been coaching and energetically healing people with her powerful intuitive and empathic abilities for over twenty years to help transform their lives, their relationships, their businesses, and heal their hearts, bodies, minds and spirits.

Live the joyful, prosperous, and love-filled Life you are meant to live.

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Look for the follow up book to Money is Love coming in Winter 2014.


As we watch the old fear- and greed-based economy crumbling around us, we are in the process of co-creating a magnificent new economy based on love, caring, and sharing to take its place. 

Creating a Sacred Marketplace is a guide book for all those who wish to be members on the front line of this exciting new world marketplace. This book will lead you through the history of the marketplace from ancient times to the present, reveal the secrets of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and the Sacred Marriage between them that will once again bring Money and Spirit/Money and Love back into alignment to abundantly support the human race in its evolution, provide valuable tools to heal individual money wounds, give practical advice for creating Love-based businesses, and lay the ground work for creating a sacred global marketplace where all are welcomed.

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Welcome to my website during this most amazing of times. Wow! The changes going on here on our beloved planet and simultaneously inside our own magnificent selves are unprecedented. Jean Houston, the great visionary, said recently, "There has never been a time of greater transformation in human history." And the fascinating thing is that we are not mere witnesses to this immense change. We are an integral part of the change. We are becoming co-creators with Creation itself. The planet is actually shifting up into a higher vibratory rate. And as She does this, the new vibration is vibrating through our bodies, minds, and spirits. This elevation of the vibration causes us to feel as if we are being nudged, pushed, shoved, and even kicked up into some new way of being. And we are. The discomfort we feel at times is simply the difficulty we're having in releasing the old belief systems and patterns that have been ingrained in the human psyche for thousands of years. So, if you're feeling a bit like you're coming apart at the seams, you are. But this is simply happening to open you up to the brilliant light within yourself, and prepare you for your role in the emerging world that is being birthed.

You Are the Light

This website and everything on it, my books, CDs, videos, meditations, articles, prayers, workshops, and my light energy healing work, are my offerings to you to help you release the old and open to the bright new you in the brilliant new world.

Above all this site is about discovering and honoring the inner divine light that shines through us all. It is about employing the transformational tools to clean the inner lens and express the radiant LIGHT OF LOVE. Enjoy your time here and please come back often.

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As the economic systems fall apart, one of the primary shifts that we must help co-create a new economy based on love and care and abundance for all of humanity. Watch this short video about how we can begin to do that using our inner light and our intentions of love:

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