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A Journey into

Six Week Online Interactive Class
March 28 – May 2


Spring Equinox Special Offer

Money is Love book coverJoin Barbara Wilder, the author of this classic, life-changing book, for a course that will transform the way you think and feel about money forever. Barbara will guide you personally on a magical journey into the realms of the Divine Feminine to meet the Goddess Kuan Yin and learn to open your own heart to the true abundance that is your birthright.

Take this journey to Change your Mindset about Money by opening your Heart-Space to the luscious truth that Money is Love.


Join Barbara LIVE every Wednesday evening for 6 Weeks
March 28 – May 2
5PM Pacific (8PM Eastern)
90 minutes each week

(All classes will be recorded for you to watch on your schedule if you aren't able to attend the Live Class, and you will still be able to take part in the circle on the Private Facebook page.)

A New World — a New Prosperity

We are living in a time of great transition into a brand new era—a new paradigm in which we will come together as a human family, living, working, and playing with each other in the spirit of sharing and caring.

What we are experiencing in the world right now is the shadow rising up to be revealed and transformed by powerful new Energies and the return of The Divine Feminine. We see it in the marches for change that are taking place all over the world.

They are being led by the women and children

One of the greatest aspects of the Divine Feminine is that She is all about abundance, but for the many, not just the few.

Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, is rising up to remind us that Money must be returned to the Sacred, and used for the feminine principles of loving, nurturing, sharing, and caring for ourselves and for each other.

If you have been struggling with money, it is because you are one of the major players in the great transition. You are actually in the process of leaving behind the old money paradigm of fear, lack, greed, and strife and co-creating the New Prosperity of Money as Love and abundance for yourself and all of the Divine Mother's family.

And because you are one of the great change makers, your money challenges are part of your own transition. So, to move into the higher vibration of MONEY AS LOVE AND THE NEW PROSPERITY you just need to heal your own personal money wounds, so that you can bring your much needed gifts to the world.

In this sacred six week class you will begin healing those wounds, learning first to love yourself by letting go of the guilt and shame and fear that has kept you separated from living the life of your Dreams.

Your dreams are your gifts

When money seems scarce we live in a constant state of anxiety, and that keeps us so distracted that we have no time to even think about our Dreams.

But once you learn that Money is Love and that there is actually more than enough Love and Money to support not only you and your dreams, but all the people on the planet abundantly, a new world will open up for you. And you will become free to live the life you were born to live!


Spend six weeks in class with Barbara as she guides you through the lessons in her iconic book, sharing her insights and wisdom.

For over twenty years Barbara has been helping thousands of people all around the world shift their lives up into the vibration of Money as Love – The New Prosperity, so you're in good hands.

Barbara will guide you to go deeply into your own money wounds to heal yourself, and help you release the hurt, fear, shame, trauma, guilt and unworthiness that keeps your heart closed to the joyful abundant life that you are meant to be living.

A Sacred Circle of Sisters

In a sacred circle of sisters you will be immersed in the ancient ways of the Divine Feminine. You will take magical journeys into the cave of the Mother Earth and meet Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, who will share the secrets of loving yourself to receive your sacred wealth.

Powerful Meditations and Activations

In deep trance meditations Barbara will direct powerful rivers of Light Energy through your body to cleanse the old subconscious patterns and beliefs, and replace them with the brilliance of Divine Light. This will then activate your powerful new money codes.


  1. To heal your old personal money story and create a new prosperous life story
  2. To take control of your financial affairs instead of letting them control you
  3. Fun ways to let go of your fear around money and embrace it as a sweet friend
  4. To open the closed door that blocks you from receiving money, love, success, and your dreams
  5. To let go of competition and open to cooperation
  6. PLUS 3 simple tips that you can do every day to keep money flowing effortlessly into your pocketbook


  1. Six Online Interactive 90-minute Video Classes
  2. Barbara's classic book, Money is Love – ebook edition
  3. Weekly Light Energy Healing Meditations
  4. Money energy activations to reset your prosperity codes
  5. Membership in a Private Facebook Group
  6. Video Replays of all the Classes for a limited time

Your Investment

All of this for an investment of just $397
But with this Special Spring Equinox Offer
You'll pay $197


IMPORTANT NOTE: All the classes are recorded so that if you can't make the live class you can watch the replay and participate in the circle on the Facebook Group.

What other students have to say:

Barbara, your teachings have opened my mind and soul to receive all the light, blessings, and to stop the fear. Working in the class with this wonderful energy, I decided to start my own business as a baker, because I am a great baker. I realized if I do what makes me really happy the money will come. Since making this decision I have begun my baking business, and the money now is flowing. I have already received two investors' offers. I am thankful for all your help for this change of mind and opening to my true path, and the glorious future ahead. Your guidance has changed my life.

Samantha Carrasco – Costa Rica

Barbara's courses, coaching sessions and guided meditations are the most powerful work I've ever done. This work has changed my whole life and career. I have expanded into deeply powerful new levels I never could have otherwise imagined.

Dr. Pamela Wilson, D.D.S – New York City

I'e done a LOT of work around money with my own, as well as other's, money issues—YET, THE Money is Love work with Barbara has transformed my relationship with money and my sense of abundance in a powerful and unique way. Anyone drawn to working with her will be helped, and I also feel her work is especially good for spiritually oriented people who are conflicted, ambivalent, or uncomfortable with money and our current economic system.

Ellen Shapiro – New Mexico

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Kuan Yin - the Divine Mother


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