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Barbara's work goes deeper and creates more change than any therapy, coaching, or energy work I have ever experienced. Within a couple of weeks she had uncovered the core trauma of my life, which no one else was able to help me find. After six months of working with Barbara I feel like a whole new person. And I am living my dream of making a living as an artist.
◼  Sally M., Santa Fe, NM

I'd worked with several traditional therapists, as well as many energy healers, before I began working with Barbara. With all that work I hadn't been able to connect to my core issues and release the old patterns. Working with Barbara was a transformational experience like nothing I had ever experienced. My whole life has opened up, and I have a new found sense of joy and well-being that I never imagined possible.
◼  Jan W., Seattle, WA

Barbara is a great spiritual healer. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance and healing.
◼  Ashley S., Brooklyn, NY

I lived in fear of money my entire life. The idea that money could be love was absurd to me. But for some reason I ended up working with Barbara and the Money is Love coaching, and I literally had an epiphany. I went from always struggling and angry about money to being a guy who makes good money and enjoys my life. Thank you, Barbara.
◼  Tom T., Stockton, CA

I love you, Barbara Wilder. Your work is like the Rolls Royce of healing and energy work. When I first came to work with you, you told me I had the potential to be hugely successful. I thought you were either crazy, or just trying to get me to sign up for more sessions. But turns out you were right. Under all my low self-esteem was hiding a brilliant business woman. And now I have my own very successful chain of restaurants. And I love my work. I never loved anything I did ever before. You're awesome. Thank you. Thank you.
◼  Kelly B., Toronto, Ontario

When I was breaking up with my husband a friend told me about Barbara Wilder. I was broke and broken. I didn't think anyone could help me. We had been together for 25 years, and I couldn't imagine my life without him. Barbara helped me find strength and my heart's desire. My husband always made me feel like I wasn't good at anything, and I believed him. Barbara helped me realize that I had to listen to my own inner voice and no one else. That was the turning point. Now, I am back in school after all this time studying for my M.S. in biology, and am at the top of my class. I am so grateful to you, Barbara. Thank you.
◼  Susan L., Chicago, IL

I was in so much grief over the loss of my dearest friend and wondering if life was really worth continuing when Barbara came to my aid. She helped me find my way through the grief and loss. She helped me find my own strength, and the Transformational Light-Energy Healing work actually was able to open my heart and make my life worth living again. I miss my best friend, but I also know now that he is on the other side watching out for me. I didn't really believe all the stuff about people talking to you from the dead. But Barbara helped me to open and listen with my heart, and now I can feel Josh telling me he is fine, and that I am too.
◼  Matt R., San Anselmo, CA

I was raised in a fundamentalist Christian household, and we were taught that Jesus said "Money was the root of all evil." So, my inner child was freaking out for the first few sessions I had with Barbara. But her Money is Love coaching and the Light-Energy healing part got me through to the other side. And now I really do believe that Money is Love. And I have a really nice flow of abundance to prove it.
◼  Mary W., Boston, MA

I'm so grateful to have met and worked with you!  Thank you for teaching & healing from your heart, I feel so blessed and inspired.
◼  Jane W., Boulder, CO

We had just filed bankruptcy when we came to work with Barbara. First of all she helped us stop feeling ashamed of the bankruptcy. Both my husband and myself had been raised in homes where money was always hard to get. Barbara helped us connect with the vibration of Money as love, and clear out the negative emotions we had about having money. She kept us on track. We found out how important it was to have a coach to help you back on track when you fall off. And she never made me feel ashamed. We now live in harmony and peace with our finances. Our income has doubled, and we are going to Hawaii for the first vacation we have had in years.
◼  Sandy and Jeremy H. – Cleveland, OH


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