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Barbara and JohnBarbara believes that we are at the crossroads of a bright new era. The old culture is crumbling. All of us have remarkable talents that we are longing to tap into, so we can become members of a global community forming around the world to create a new society – A Bright New World.

In this workshop, you will learn to open the door in your soul to your true passion and destiny at this powerful time in human history. You will connect to your brilliance, embrace it, and discover how to use your talents to create a brand new culture—a culture based on shared creativity, trust, caring and love.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn techniques to access your vision for the next step in your life
  • Begin to imagine how your purpose can contribute to a new world culture
  • Write a new story for your life that you can manifest in the real world right now

Introductory Workshop

Embracing Your Power Woman book coverThis workshop is based on Barbara Wilder's book of the same name. It is a great way to get started on doing the work in the book.

This workshop is specifically for women at mid-life and beyond - women who have lived for at least forty years. In the workshop we will focus on the powerful changes that occur in women's lives at mid-life and how you can embody these changes to create an exciting, productive, and fulfilling second half of life.

Barbara Wilder believes that women over forty are the most valuable untapped resource in the world. Women who have raised families, established homes, and, more often than not, conducted out of the home careers, have vast life experience that is needed in our world today. Our mothers and grandmothers didn't have the opportunities that we do. The generation entering mid-life today is going to live another forty or fifty years. What do you plan to do with all those years? It's time to find out.

In this workshop, using meditation, journaling, and group discussion, Barbara Wilder will help you begin to bring the true purpose of the second half of your life into focus. She will help you to tap into your own powerful wise woman and reconnect with the initial potency of your teenage self that was squelched so long ago. You will investigate your teenage self's original radiance, heal the wounds that sapped her power, and ask for her help in discovering your life's purpose and direction.

This is a workshop that will literally change your life.


InannaThis workshop is for women of all ages. It is a wonderful opportunity for women to come together and celebrate exactly how magnificent we truly are in all our different ages, shapes, sizes, and preferences.

In this workshop you will make a deep inner connection with the power and beauty of the feminine energy in all its forms. Using meditation you will learn to open up your heart to allow yourself to feel the love of the Divine Feminine. You will learn to direct light energy using a simple meditation technique that will help you to focus your own light and life energy through your body for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

The most important thing you will gain from this workshop is to love yourself. Women are great at loving and nurturing others, but we rarely take the time to love and nurture ourselves. This workshop will teach you games and tools that will help focus more of your love and nurturing on yourself, and guide you to experience the powerful healing that emerges through self-love.

This workshop will give you new strength and make you glad that you're a woman.


Goddess LakshmiThis workshop helps women address and begin to heal their relationship with money. Women have been second class citizens for so long that they don't even realize that they have the right to not only have as much money as the men, but that they have the right to redirect the way money works in the world. We live in a world economy that is based on fear, greed, and power mongering. But just because that is the way it is, doesn't mean that it has to remain so. Humanity has the ability to change our economy to one based on love, caring, sharing and nurturing. These are all feminine attributes. While the archetype of the proud father gives everything to the first-born son, the archetype of the good mother gives equally to all her children.

This workshop will teach you to find your own truth about money and how you wish it to exist in your life. You will be asked to ponder such questions as, "How do you feel about money?" "Do you need to be rich, or will comfortable and happy suffice?" "Why do you think women earn less than men?" "Does making money seem to mean less to women than to men?" "Can women be equal to men in the marketplace without being like men?"

In this workshop, Barbara Wilder will help you to discover your own fears about money and how you can begin to open up to and begin to live a joyful, peaceful, and prosperous life.

This workshop will help you find true peace and prosperity.

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