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What Women Like Yourselves are Saying About
11 Steps to Coming of Age in Mid-Life

Praise for Embracing Your Power Woman from women like you:

"Whoever says that humans can't fly hasn't read Barbara Wilder's book. While reading her book and taking the companion course, I discovered my wings. I glided back into the past, sailed through the present, and soared into the future. The journey was exhilarating, breathtaking, and mystical. Prepare to find your own wings, dust them off, and take flight."

— Ann Tinkham, instructional designer/writer

"Barbara Wilder's book, Embracing Your Power Woman, is a real treasure that will fill your hearts and souls with guidelines and experiences that will change your life. She teaches us what it means to embrace our own feminine power within and without, and pulls the reader into a spiritual sense of wellness."

— Christine Hibbard, PhD., psychotherapist and university professor

"Barbara Wilder has a knowing that transcends time and space. She takes you on a journey back to your own source. What a precious gift and a tremendously important work for the feminine. It has been a life-saving drink in the desert known as midlife. Barbara is a bright star, inspiring the 45+ generation."

— Kathleen Krentz, businesswoman

"Barbara Wilder has a wonderful gift for life and a great wisdom about the Spirit. Doing the
Embracing Your Power Woman work, I began to see an opportunity for deeply enriched growth, a fertile time to celebrate who I am, and an awakening of long forgotten dreams. Being over 55 no longer feels like riding a stationary bicycle, but a positive dynamic journey that continues to amaze me."

— Connie Redak, florist

"Since doing Embracing Your Power Woman, I have had such ease in my personal relationships. New areas of my work are unfolding in the most effortless, wonderful way. I love this course. Barbara is a brilliant, compassionate writer and teacher who brings us back to the joy of being women."

— Bea Enright, yoga teacher

"Since doing Embracing Your Power Woman, I have become much more aware of my strength, my wisdom and my own magnificence. Using the tools and exercises from the course gives me something to hold on to whenever I get depressed. They put me back into a positive mood and a forward movement. I am beginning to trust that I am truly an artist, not just a mom and a breadwinner."

— Marilyn McVey, artist

"Barbara Wilder's Embracing Your Power Woman is empowering, enlightening and comforting. The work comes from her heart and her feminine energy in a way that satisfies what is missing in life. Embracing Your Power Woman will be a part of my library and my gift giving for special friends forever."

Mary D. Midkiff, author, She Flies Without Wings: How Horses Touch a Woman's Soul

"Embracing Your Power Woman has changed my life. The readings, games, exercises, and ceremony helped me move to a new depth in myself. I have now truly transitioned into my authentic Power Woman. All women will benefit from participating in this sacred journey."

— Kimeri Lowell, wife, mother, and reflexologist

"I recently had the joy and privilege of being a part of Barbara Wilder's amazing course, Embracing Your Power Woman. Barbara's book stands on its own as one of the most inspiring and encouraging books for women in the powerful years of midlife."

— Vonalda Utterback, CN, nutritionist, writer, and editor

"Embracing Your Power Woman is a practical workbook that provides the inspiration and tools to excavate buried dreams and bring them to life in the second half of life. Every woman over 40 should read this book. I am buying a copy for all of my long lost and newfound girlfriends."

— Donna Druchunas, author of The Knitted Rug and Arctic Lace

"Participating in the Embracing Your Power Woman course has been an amazing journey. The material, games and exercises, and Barbara's wisdom and guidance allowed me to examine my innermost thoughts and feelings. Having the 'inner light bulbs' go on and finally understanding that we each have a place and purpose in the grand universe is such a wonderful gift."

— Vickie Terry, business consultant

"Using her Eleven Points of Power that form the backbone for Embracing Your Power Woman, Barbara Wilder astutely directs women through passages in their lives to a final reckoning with their freedom and all the choices this entails. This wise journey is one that all women who want to lead a life well lived should wholeheartedly explore."

— Barbara Darling, public relations specialist and journalist

"In her compelling Embracing Your Power Woman, Barbara Wilder has provided a stunningly heartfelt and user-friendly roadmap to get us to our rightful place of power and meaning!"

— Lisa Trank, publicist, writer, and mother of three girls under 5



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