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A Prayer for All Women

Divine Mother,

I am so grateful to You for all that You give me. You are my true mother. You teach me the ways of divine motherhood and You are my greatest role model.

I look to You for guidance as I raise my children, love my partners, and cherish my friends.
I am grateful that You are finally able to step out of the mists that have surrounded You for so many millennia.

I realize now that You have always been here, because without You the world cannot exist. Without the womb of the Mother there is no continuation of humanity.

I am so grateful to finally be able to look at myself and see Your face shining through my eyes. For I am part of You. I exude all that You are.

I am a force for good in this world, as I express Your goodness.
I am a source for nurture in this world as I express Your nurture.
I am a force for peace in this war-torn world as I express Your peaceful nature.

With You within me I am able to let go of all jealousy, envy and pride. I am able to look at my sisters and see them as my loving partners, and know that I am part of a joyous sisterhood.
I weep for the women who suffer under tyranny in a world that has turned its back on the Sacred Mother for so long, and I make a covenant with You to help heal the wrongs that are perpetrated against women in this world.

I ask for Your understanding when I am tempted to gossip about my sisters.

I ask for Your understanding when I find myself being jealous of my sisters.

I ask for Your understanding when I choose anger over compassion.

I ask for Your understanding when I forget to nurture myself.

I know that You do understand and that You do forgive me

And as I experience Your understanding and forgiveness I know that I am learning to understand and forgive like You.

Thank you for all that You bless me with: for my body that I love, for my ability to birth both babies and ideas, for my innate knowledge of the feminine world that is about sharing, caring, loving and accepting.

I know that together with You and my sisters we can bring forth peace, love, and understanding that will change the tide of history and create a peaceful loving world for our children and our grandchildren.

Thank you. You are the Blessed One and so am I.

Blessed be.




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