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Creating Your Prosperity with the Power of Love

Money is Love book cover Please join me for another spectacular Six Week Online Workshop. Come engage in a magical journey to Create Your Own Prosperity with the Power of Love. As you know, I'm the author of the classic book, Money is Love: Reconnecting to the Sacred Origins of Money. This little book has changed thousands of people's lives by helping them open their hearts and minds to the truth that Money is Love. Isn't it time for you to join the happy prosperous Money is Love family?

"True wealth is abundance that does not create scarcity."
◼  The Talmud

It's Six Weeks: Every Wednesday Evening from September 13 – October 18
5PM Pacific (8PM Eastern)
Classes are recorded so you can watch them on your schedule.


About twenty years ago when I was in the middle of filing for bankruptcy, and quite soon after my mother disinherited me, I was given the message that Money is Love. After my mind stopped spinning with the absurdity of this notion, I was struck by the realization that my heart felt really good about this. I felt a warm sense of healing and relaxation, and a voice deep inside of me said, "This is the truth. Stick with it." And that voice was so compelling that I surrendered to it, and I did it. I stuck with it.

After a year of research, reading books and asking for guidance from the higher realms, I created my first six week workshop and taught it at the Unity church in Boulder, Colorado. The workshop was very successful, so I kept on giving workshops and talks, and finally after another year, I wrote it all down in a book called Money is Love: Reconnecting to the Sacred Origins of Money. In 1999 I published it, and it has been in print ever since, helping to change thousands of people's hearts, minds, and lives, with the healing power of Money is Love.

Do you ever feel like you have so much to give to the world, and yet you just can’t seem to find the money to support your dreams and your gifts?

I know the feeling. And most of my students throughout the years have struggled with this very thing. The truth is, you came to this earth to bring your light, your love, and your gifts. And they must be supported by money.

MONEY IS LOVE is the path to your true support.

But money carries a lot of fear, greed, and suffering baggage, because we have been living in a culture based on a false belief that there is not enough money to go around, and only a few get to have the "lion's share" of the wealth. The rest of the world has to scratch out a living the best we can.

What I learned when I was given the vision that Money is Love, is that it doesn't have to be that way. We have the power to transform the low frequency fear-energy around money up into the high frequency energy of Love and create a whole new economy for ourselves and the world based on loving, caring, and sharing.

The Power of Love is the greatest power in the Universe!

Heart of the worldAnd everything that Love infuses expands exponentially. On the other hand, fear makes everything contract. So, the more fear we have around money, the less there is. And the more love we have...you've got it! The more there is.

We only believe there isn't enough to go around because we fear that there isn't. Get it?

Because we have lived in this fear-based money culture for our whole lives, we have collected a bunch of painful experiences around money that are buried deep in our subconscious minds. And to add to that, we carry our parent's and our grandparent's pain and worry as well. I call these the Money Wounds. And these Money Wounds must be healed, so that we can lift our Money consciousness out of the vibration of fear and lack, and up into the vibration of Love and Prosperity.

In Money is Love: Creating Your Prosperity with the Power of Love you will journey deep into your subconscious mind to find and then heal your own personal Money Wounds. Then I will guide you through powerful Transformational Energy Healing Meditations, using the Power of Love, that will release the Money Wounds, so can create your own true prosperity to support your life path and your brilliant gifts.

Money is Love book coverTHE GODDESS KUAN YIN

Back in 1998 when I was looking for an image to put on the cover of Money is Love I happened upon a photograph of a statue of Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Compassion. And She whispered to me, "Put me on the cover with a coin in my hand in front of my heart, and I will take you on a journey to discover the truth of Money is Love inside your heart." And she has been guiding me ever since.

NOW, Kuan Yin is reaching out to you.

She wants to be your guide to take you onto the magical journey into your own heart and discover your own Money is Love joyful prosperity.

This Magical Journey takes place

It will help you release the constant fear messages from your own subconscious that say: There is never enough. You aren't enough. Poverty is just around the corner. You don't deserve more. And the shame you have about all of the above.

You'll take this soul-journey with a group of like-hearted others, and discover that you aren't alone with all this fear and shame. And together you will create new Money stories of love, joy, and abundance.


  1. Fun ways to let go of your fear around money and embrace it as a friend
  2. To heal your old personal money story and create a new prosperous story
  3. How to take control of your financial affairs instead of letting them control you
  4. That Receiving money is equally as important as Giving money
  5. How to let go of competition and open to cooperation
  6. Three simple tips that you can do every day to keep money flowing into your pocketbook


  1. 6 Online Interactive 90-minute Video Classes
  2. My classic book, Money is Love – ebook edition
  3. Weekly Light Energy Healing Meditations
  4. Membership in a Private Facebook Group
  5. Video Replays of all the Classes for the duration of the class

Together, with Kuan Yin and me as your guides, we will transform your money story into love, joy and abundance forever.

We will gather together online at

5pm PDT / 6pm MDT / 7pm CDT / 8pm EDT

Wednesday Nights
for Six weeks
September 13 – October 18
Each class is 90 minutes long

AND NO WORRIES IF YOU CAN'T MAKE THE LIVE CLASSES they are recorded so that you can watch them on your own time schedule.

Your investment to change your Money life forever: $297
But I am offering a deep discount this time; just $147


Recent students say:

Barbara, let me tell your teachings have opened my mind and soul in order to receive all the light, blessings, and to stop the fear. Working in the class with this wonderful energy, I decided to start my own business as a baker, because I am a great baker. I realized if I do what makes me really happy the money will come. Since making this decision I did begin my baking business and the money now is flowing. I feel more relaxed about it. And I have already received two investors' offers. I am thankful for all your help for this change of mind and opening to my true path, and the glorious future ahead. Thanks for your guidance that has changed my life.

—Samantha Carrasco, Costa Rica

I have recently completed the Ultra Amazing and Inspiring International Online Course - MONEY IS LOVE with THE most beautiful and sincere heart-centered lady - Barbara Wilder The course was filled with such Love, Warmth, Compassion and Immense Support. WOW what a course and what a journey. I am so pleased, honoured and privileged to have been part of the course, and feel I have benefited tremendously - for me it was perfect "Divine Timing" Thank You Barbara Wilder.

—Michelle Whitehouse Was-Cox, UK

Barbara's courses, coaching sessions and guided meditations are the most powerful work I've ever done. This work has changed my whole life and career. I have expanded into deeply powerful new levels I never could have otherwise imagined.

—Dr. Pamela Wilson, D.D.S.

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The world is waiting for your gifts. You are needed. Don't let yourself be so mired in the fear and the old beliefs that you stay hidden in the corner.

Come out and dance onto the path of your prosperity with Kuan Yin as your Guide.


Kuan Yin - the Divine Mother


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